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Constant Happiness A'dam

It is well known that Amsterdam people are happy people, they like to greet when hopping on a bus, walking into a fashion store, buying a sandwich, it doesn’t matter what you do they  just almost hug you. The Amsterdam people seem to be constantly happy. Probably the modern and very ecological surroundings have a lot to do with their constant positive minded wellbeing. Amsterdam has been very modern for many years if it comes down to a healthy city life style and the whole wide world also knows how flexible policy they have if it comes down to soft drugs,  just walking into a coffee shop isn’t the same way as a Starbucks in London, no no no … surely this stop will bring you into another mood and it’s all legal!

Visiting Amsterdam in April is so colourful, really the whole city is planted with fresh Tulips, you have to visit de Keukenhof park, literally that means the Kitchengarden Park. And celebrating their national holiday, Prinsjesdag, is so hilarious, the whole city turns into Orange, their national colour, King Alexander and his Queen Maxima , which are by the way a very nice and modern couple have a very close relationship with the Dutch people,  they turn up each year to celebrate this amazing day and mingle with the Dutch people.