A masterpiece of Modernista design, this city will wow you with its fabulous architecture and exuberant atmosphere. Its unique Catalan feel affects the food, nightlife and all the surroundings. Barcelona is a city that absolutely hums with activity and exuberance, from its flamboyant architecture, to its lively citizens, you can be sure of a stimulating experience in this city. 

Barcelona’s most iconic symbol is that of the Sagrada Família Church by Antonio Gaudí, world famous for its constant state of incompletion, with work still ongoing over a hundred years after it started. The city is also the location of many other phenomenal pieces of architecture, such as the Barcelona Cathedral, and Montjuïc Castle.

Barcelona is also second to none in the shopping opportunities it offers. The city is a hive of glitz and glamour, with big-name designers and home-grown talent both making their homes in Barcelona. The opportunity to purchase genuine Catalan crafts, such as ceramics and lace goods, is also a great attraction of this beautiful city. 

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