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Barcelona Bar Brutal

Bar Brutal a must visit Spanish wine bar and restaurant in Barcelona. it's young, it's vibrant, busy and delicious. When entering you will get into the first part which is Can Cisa, this somewhat of a typical Spanish dark brown Wine bar but when you walk straight ahead and go the left everything changes into this colorfull very cosy cafeteria restaurant where you can pick different kind of tables or you can sit at the bar and just watch the young chefs preparing all those different tapa's. Most tapas will sound familiar but there is always a modern twist which makes it a bit of a surprise.And it's not just only the food because the wine is so good and the prices are not that high at all, you can pick your bottle at any price and will alwyas come with the best quality.

Bar Brutal is so perfect for that evening where you are looking for fun and laughter, where you are surrounded with people who are smilling, enjoying and just embracing life!