Dublin what a beautiful special city to visit. Not only does it have a great history it just has something special which you can't find easily somewhere else, it has something so authentic and raw, rough ... which is not a surprise if you know that Dublin was founded in the 9th centruy by Vikings, they named it 'Norse Kingdom of Dublin'.  Today we know it as the capital city of Ireland with a very unique way of living and an incredible dialect. World celebreties like Bono from U2, Sinead O'Connor, James Joyce, Oscar Wild and Bram Stoker have spent their yought in Dublin. This city breaths arts and culture, forget about the rain and cloudy days because there is so much more they have to offer.  

Dubliners speak Dublinese, which is a combination of slang and curse words. It has the youngest population of the world, 50% of the population is under 25 years old. Dublin has 700 different pubs, The Brazen Head is for sure the oldest, established in 1198 back then it was a coach house. Apart from visiting the local pubs to drink lots of Guinness there are plenty of museums and cutural and musical events to visit. There national treasure is for sure the 'Book of Kelts' which was made by the Keltic Monks back in 800 AD, an amazing golden book which you can view at the Trinity College Library.