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Ozone Bar Hong Kong

Welcome to Ozone the cube shaped bar, a place that is way beyond anything you have ever seen, this is not for softies, you have to love it, shinny and blue and yes can use the word kitch. The bar is just one big ice kube, it even looks like it’s cold but I can assure you it isn’t. Just think out of the box, go in, look around, sit down and enjoy! Japanese sashimi and sushi, Spanish and Italian inspired tapas, briny oysters, tempuras and mouth watering desserts are served until late at night. Hong Kong based model Sofie loves Ozone bar and is happy to accompany you. 

And the drinks, really you have to taste the drinks, it’s not a easy thing to choose out of the marvellous selection to quench your thirst: Gin and Tonics such as Tanqueray with Orange en Lemon Zest and Q Tonic, A Kowloon Buck a Bourbon with Mango Lychee, Lime and Ginger Beer or the Classic Pink Margarita, Dom Pérignon, Chardonnay …. It’s all there, just pick one out. Looking for a companion to join you on your trip, like to invite someone from abroad or someone who is Hong Kong based, do'nt forget to check out the Companions gallery. 

Level 118, International Commerce Ctr.
1 Austin Road West
Kowloon, Hong Kong