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Tea Time

Everybody knows you’ll need to be in London to enjoy afternoon tea and biscuits but it seems to be that coffee is taking over the London scenery and I am not kidding, I am very serious! Starbucks has a huge impact as you can find one at every corner and the last few year households are spending less money on grocery shopping and rather saving for holidays, going out fashion, and the latest new smartphones and tablets. 

But afternoon tea stays one of England most typical customs and although you might thinks it has been invented in England I’ll have to say no. It was actually King Charles II who brought the idea from China and it was only until the 1840 when the Duchess made it a fashionable social event. She got hungry each afternoon around 4 o’clock and needed to wait to long to have her dinner so she asked her servants to make her tea together with bread and butter, while the servants found it a bit boring to only  serve bread and butter they started filling the bread with all kinds of  stuff, accompanied with sweets like cake and biscuits, and soon it became a real treat and a pleasant moment of the day. You can enjoy these treats at Londons most prestigious hotels but also some very nice local bakeries and teashops.

Claridges is one of the best if you like it to be served in the classic traditional way, everything is set up like it use to be and the settings of the hotel just make it a true and delightful happening. Henrietta Lovell an incredible tea sommelier and Chef martin Nail have found the perfect combination to serve the best products from local producers and also from producers around the world. Make sure that you make a reservation and you are dressed for this occasion so that means elegant casual, no street wear, shorts or flip flops….