What ‘s the profile of a Chemodels client? Someone who is looking for an upscal fun rendezvous! A person who is looking for the perfect combination between looks and brains and where respect comes at first place. A person who also likes to be guidanced by someone you can trust and someone who answers your mails within a short notice.

But it is also important that you understand that I like to cooperate with people, as well men and women, both of you like to use my skills as a well organized personal assistant who brings people together. I always treat people with respect and as every other person it is nice to receive it back. 

The profile of a Chemodels client can vary, you could contact Chemodels because you are looking for a companion to go skiing during the Xmass holidays or perhaps you like to have a city break, it could be for your pleasure but you could also combine it while you are travelling for business and like to fill up those lonely moments in your blank  agenda.

It could be a one time booking, short or for a long period.  It can perfectly be arranged in advance or you can at least check out the possibilities and get back to me once you have arrived and then provide me with your finale decision.  Just please keep in mind the more notice you provide me the bigger the chance you can meet the model you desire at the requested, date, time and place.