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Special model Elise is one of a kind, passionated stunning and a bit naughty, meeting Elise in real flesh will blow you away, she will leave a lasting impression. Special Members can enquire to see Elises pictures.

Elise is the perfect girl friend and she will indulge you with her dedicated and warm personality. Elise is the perfect date to take on a trip or to meet while you are traveling. Mostly based in Madrid, Barcelona and London but make sure you enquire about her as she can move around very fast.

What Elise likes to share with you:

"I am a young and affectionate woman, I love to date and to take the best out of my life, taking care of my body and mind is an important issue. I love to eat Sea Food and in my spare time I play tennis and polo. I like to keep myself on the exclusive part but If you like to see more of me then please sent a enquiry to Maxime."