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  • 1. We really like each other!

    I am happy to say that I have been able to match some amazing couples who even got married! Once again I bring people together and if it turns out that you like each other then please go ahead and start a bright future!

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  • 2. What is Chemodels about?

    I am a virtual personal assistant and like to make sure that people can move around without worying about their arrangements. I take  personal care of  your needs. It includes taking responsibility of scheduling both private and business affaires, securing travel arrangements.

    Chemodels is the name of my business, an agency who brings people together who are looking for a partner to spent time with for a short or long term period for a business or social event, a weekend break or a holiday. But it goes a bit further, if you like me to check flights, try to arrange opera tickets, check the best vegan restaurant in the city you will be visiting then I am happy to do so. It is a total experience!

    Chemodels makes sure the client and the model are thoroughly screened before a cooperation begins. Our terms and conditions are applicable for both parties and we do not allow unrespectful behaviour, if this happens I will decide to stop communicating.

    Chemodels does not arrange striptease dancing, bachlor parties, birthday presents for friends....our models are strictly available for pleasant but also serious and normal events and dinnerdates.

    Chemodels has daytime office hours from 10am until 8pm we are closed in the weekend unless you have made a booking in advance.

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  • 3. How can I make a booking in advance and how much notice do I need to give?

    If one of our models caught your eye and you would like to meet her then please contact me so I can inform you what conditions: rates, minimum booking, availability etc ... the model has in order to arrange a meeting.

    I have  a close relationship with the models and a fluent communication, but always understand that the companions have a normal daily life, professional career and so a scheduled agenda so I need to have some time to get in touch with them. For that reason it is always best to make a booking with notice. Some models really need to arrange their agenda with a couple of days in advance. 

    Please understand that this is not an agency that arranges fast meetings, so contacting me also needs to be with notice. 

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  • 4. Which currency can I pay inn?

    Our models prefer to be paid in the local currency, Chemodels neither the model should pay for the currency cost so if you are not able to pay in the local currency then please understand that an extra exchange cost will be charged. Just make sure you have taken the time to find out more before you start your journey. 

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  • 5. How can I make a payment?

    You can only make a payment via banktransfer directly to me. If you like to make a payment in cash then you will need to pay the model directly, she will make a banktransfer to me.

    Please understand that a long term meeting and an international meeting always requires a prepayment via banktransfer direclty coming from you. 

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  • 6. What is the cost for international travelling?

    The travel cost is depending of the travel arrangements, information such as time of arrival and departure is required to look up tickets. The flight ticket can be purchased as soon as the prepayment has been done and everyone agrees on the selected ticket.

    Please be aware that booking a flight ticket or train ticket takes time, you must make the booking with notice and be aware that the longer you wait with a confirmation and prepayment the more the price of your ticket can increase.

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  • 7. What if I like to fly a model over?

    Most of our models are able to travel international, a few do not travel international because of private or professional reasons. If you like a model to fly over to your city then the minimum booking mostly is12hrs, unless the model is able to reach you within a small distance or it does not require a flight.

    When a model travels international or national long distance then a prepayment is required.

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  • 8. Can I meet a model for a drink and then decide if I like to invite her for a longer period?

    Sure you can the minimum booking will be at least 1hr and the fee is depending of the model you like to meet. Chemodels does not organize 15 minute meetings for you to screen, this has already been done by me. If you do not have the confidence and trust then it is better to find an alternative agency or independent model.

    The only way to meet a model is to make a booking and not aks for a free appointment.

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  • 9. Why do I need to provide my full name, nationality, age etc ...?

    When filling out the members application form you will find that I like to receive more details about you. Yes I understand that you like to keep it discreet as possible, I want be going into the details of your life but you must introduce yourself by providing your age, nationality, etc … if you don’t like to share any of those things then becoming a Chemember will not be for you … you might feel a bit sceptic about it but hey your companion also likes to have some information so she knows who she shall be meeting and I simply don't arrange meetings for nameless individuals.

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  • 10. What about discretion?

    Discretion the word everybody uses, but what does it really mean and is it really discreet. I think I can rest assure when I say that I am the only one who receives your details and they will not be shared with any other 3rd party, only limited people such as your companion receives information that she needs to have in order to make sure your arrangement runs fluently. From arriving at the airport, into the taxi to your destination, it’s all kept safe and accurate.  After all its not only about you, I make sure your companion is treated on a same level, you will receive details about her but it is eventually up to both of you when you finally meet to decide how much more you like to share about your interests, goals, dreams etc … 

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  • 11. I have a speciale detailed request.

    I have a special detailed request, can you confirm it for me? Sure no problem, any simple requests such as wardrobe, restaurant, interests about a holiday destination etc …. I ll pass it on to the model and I’ll get back to you with a confirmation on that specific topic. Understand that I make sure that the 2 of you meet, if you have any kind of other personal special requests then that is up to you and the model to decide on the moment of the meeting. 

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  • 12. Do you advertise on directories or any other platform?

    Chemodels does not promote on any directory, unfortunately directories take it into their own hands and they decide to simply display us on their listing. If you come across this then you may always inform me so I can take further steps. 

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  • 13. What service do the companions provide?

    All of our models have had a good education and can travel with you on your business trip, accompanying you during an important dinner, event or venue is not a problem at all. The companions are able to relax you during your business trip and they can easily mingle in a high level environment. If you are taking a break and like to have a charming companion next to you then our models can accompany you on a city trip or holiday. Any money paid is for the time and companionship only, everything else that may occur is a matter of choice between consenting adults.

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  • 14. Can I contact the model directly?

    No you can not, the companions have chosen an agency to make all arrangements for them, they do not want to be in direct contact before or after a meeting. Chemodels understands that if you have made a booking, especially for a long term engagement you will have several of questions to be sure the model you have chosen is the right one, please do not be affraid to ask me for further personal assistance.

    If you insist to speak directly to the model then you must contact an alternative agency or an independent model.

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  • 15. Are the pictures genuine?

    Yes, Chemodels assures you that the pictures are real and reflect the appearance of the model in real life. If a model has changed anything about her looks then you will be informed. At Chemodels we always try to provide a recent and realistic portfolio, we for sure try to avoid heavy photoshopped pictures. Some picutres might be photoshopped but maintaining the real look of the model.

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