Chemodels represents companions and perhaps you might fit the team or perhaps not, you most definitely have to be a drop dead gorgeuos but on top of that you must reach other goals as well. I receive many applications and it happens more then once that I need to turn someone down, it’s for sure not a personal thing … you just need to come up to many expectations and have the right attitude. 

What kind of companions am I cooperating with, yes you read this well … cooperating with, because I cooperate with  you. I do not own you neither do you work for me, that is a first thing you need to understand very well and from there on we can start building up a good and confident relationship.

Please make sure you have visited the complete website in order to find out what Chemodels is about before you start filling out the application form. Please be aware that you need to have the legal age of 18 but that I prefer to cooperate with companions starting from the age of 21.  If you are sure you are ok to provide me this information you can start checking the next bullet points.

A first summary of what I expect from a companion 

  • You must be at least 21 years old, yes I am sorry but I really found 18 years to young although these is a legal age to act as an adult
  • You must enjoy, really enjoy being a companion, it needs to come at first place
  •  Your appearance must be fresh and healthy, you could be nicely curved  or you could be very tall or small and slim, neither way you are a drop dead gorgeous
  •   You must be intelligent and have goals in life, being a companion is an extra in your life, you are not 100% occupied as a companion
  •   You have a friendly, easy going, not vulgar but sensual and sexy  appearance and character
  •  No strings attached, your attitude is one that relaxes people and does not provide any kind of stress that courses strange situations
  •    You are reliable and are able to lead a healthy lifestyle
  •    You can communicate in a normal relaxed way
  •   You are looking to experience new things in life and to meet new people
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